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Badger Fitness


Badger Fitness is a 24/7 gym in Madison, WI which offers strength-training, cardio, personal training, and a variety of group classes.

Wimp Studios designed a new website, and partnered with Camera Kisses LLC to create all-original photo-content.

The WiMP Competition


The WiMP Competition is a computer-themed strongman contest with thinking components. Athlete registration and live-scoring are all done through the WiMP website.

Wimp Studios also developed a proprietary scoring algorithm that uses mean deviations to transform event results into points more fairly than traditional rank-based strongman scoring.

The WiMP competition will start using the StrengthData.com service (by Wimp Studios) for registration and score-keeping in 2014.

MLI Volleyball Tournament


The Molly Lahr Invitational is blind-draw co-ed doubles sand volleyball tournament.

The pool-play schedule is generated based on the number of entrants. The schedule guarantees that no one plays with or against the same partner in more than one round. The schedule also maximizes diversity of court assignments (e.g. no one is stuck playing every match on the far court).

The website handles pool generation, score-keeping, and live standings for pool-play, along with other event-management utilities.

Ford's Gym


Ford's Gym has the usual cardio and strength-training options, but also specializes in powerlifting, strongman, body-building, and boxing.

Strongman contests can be managed through the admin interface, but will also switch over to the StrengthData.com service (Wimp Studios) in 2014.

Gambale Consulting



Cool Choices


Cool Choices

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